Thank You.

For those who visit this site on a daily basis or follow the site. I greatly appreciate it.   If you know of any pantsed wrestlers you would like to see, old school or new school, drop me a line.  Either use the “contact” option or the “leave a reply” option.

3 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. I’m just glad you chose to continue after the tumblr fiasco. You can’t move on the internet for tripping over female erotica, but male erotica is so hard to find and it’s always the first to get deleted/censored. I loved your youtube page, then tumblr and now this site, so thank you for keeping it going and well done for not getting discouraged.


  2. Are you kidding? Your work is amazing!! We should be thanking YOU for so many great finds!

    One wrestler I’ve been on the lookout for is Tom La Ruffa. Seeing him pants Fabio Ferrari so many times makes me want to see HIS ass exposed in the spirit of fair play!


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