Gunner Miller

Gunner Miller

Gunner Miller really does it for me!  He’s on my list of wrestlers along with Moonshine Mantell, Jake Something, Eddie Ryan etc… Several weekends ago I went through every video of Miller on Youtube and other sites to see if I could find anything good.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I wanted to find, but I did find out one thing…  while most wrestlers wear underwear or even a thong under their tights, Miller is one of a few that actually wears a jockstrap under his tights..

Gunner MillerGunner Miller1Gunner Miller2Gunner Miller3Gunner Miller4

Alas, that’s all I could find..,damn shame too..

Gunner Miller5

5 thoughts on “Gunner Miller

  1. DAMN! Or maybe a better expression would be–WOOF! A hot muscle daddy! It’s scary how similar our tastes are. I also have been drooling for Moonshine Mantell to get pantsed. Add the German wrestler Bad Bones to the list as well. Guys who radiate an aura of danger. Like you’d be playing with fire trying to tug their tights down (but that just makes them more tempting!)

    I hadn’t heard of this Gunner Miller before but he definitely has that same ‘feel’ to him. Plus, I love any man who’d wear a jock to a wrestling match. Shows a very manly “I dont care” attitude. Let’s hope some lucky opponent gets hold of those trunks and sends ’em down soon!


  2. At one point he was wearing thongs – I saw him once down in Georgia and he got rolled up from behind and it was on display. A thick black thong like the ones Bobby Fish wears. I looked for it for a while after and never found video. Wish I was recording myself.


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