Chris Colen (Long post)

In the past I have wrote about a list of wrestlers that I really would love to see pantsed.  Some I have posted on this site before (ie Moonshine Mantell, Eddie Ryan, Jeff Something).  These wrestlers are of high priority to me.  This particular wrestler is in my top 5.  He’s Austrian wrestler Chris Colen.

Chris Colen1Chris Colen2

This damn man completely drives me wild! He just oozes raw, rugged sexual masculinity!

Chris Colen Gefreiter WeberChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7 post 1stChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7

He kinda reminds me of Eddie Ryan and Bobby Roode.  Not exactly a juicy bubble, but fit and firm in the ass department.

Chris Colen3Chris Colen

In my opinion he’s the total package.  He retired in 2018, but I think he came out of it in 2020.  Thank Goodness!  Here are a series of gifs of Colen in match with Cash Money Erkan.  Colen is a little bit cheeky throughout the match…

Chris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7aChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7bChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7cChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7dChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7eChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7fChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7gChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7hChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7iChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7jChris Colen GWF Three Count Ep7k

To my knowledge Colen hasn’t been fully pantsed.  This is the closest courtesy of wrestler Icarus.  As always, if you  know of any matches that Colen has been pantsed, please let me know…

Chris Colen Icarus


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