What’s the point?

I hate to watch wrestling matches when the pantsing is censored.  More specifically when the butt is pixelated or a color smear.  Here are 2 examples…

Here are 2 wrestlers.  The 1st is Derek Sanders.

Derek sandersDerek_Sanders

The 2nd is Timothy Thatcher.

Timothy Thatcher

Both look promising from behind…


Derek SandersDerek Sanders


timothy-thatcher-vs-biff-busickTimothy Thatcher1 gifTimothy Thatcher gif

So I search through videos to see if one or both has been pantsed.  Both have!  However I ended up dissapointed… ( Instead of video I decided to do it in Gif form since it’s censored.)


Derek Sanders censored gifDerek Sanders censored gif1Derek Sanders censored gif2

(Thatcher actually being pantsed by Derek Sanders.)

Timothy Thatcher Derek Sanders gif

Very frustrating….  What’s the point?

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