Jeri Maki

There used to be a blog called fortheloveofpuroresu. This blog had several clips of this wrestler, Jeri Maki. I don’t know much about this wrestler except his seemed to be the ultimate jobber. Every clip was of Maki getting stripped to his thong! I wished I could find more of him.

One thought on “Jeri Maki

  1. Wow, this is super hot! This wrestler positions himself to have his trunks completely removed…and gives it a halfhearted protest when he’s being stripped. Off come the trunks and they’re handed to the referee who tosses them to his corner and they’re dropped outside the ring. Meanwhile he’s left in a thong to finish the match. Apparently this is the assumed responsibility of every opponent to Jeri Maki. You’ll need to strip him before you can get on with the match!


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