Wrestling Rear View (long post)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new year! I need to make an announcement. This post will be long and probably rambling, so bear with me. For over 3 years I’ve been doing WRV. First on You Tube, then Tumblr, now this website. I’ve come to a decision that I’m going to end the WRV website. When I first started doing this, I loved providing content with like-minded individuals who loved to see the same thing I liked to see while watching a wrestling match. Over the years I accumulated a good amount of videos for my own viewing pleasure. Then it dawned on me why don’t I share these videos with others who will enjoy it! After a long while, I’ve posted basically everything in my collection. I however was a member of a couple wrestling streaming sites and there’s always You Tube. That kept the website going.

The pandemic basically changed everything. It became harder to find content. I started adding more sites to find content to add to the site. These sites cost money. Plus, finding anything on You Tube is now like finding a needle in a haystack! Sometimes you luck out, sometimes you don’t! There are exceptions (Lucha Libre, Garza Jr., Fabio Ferrari etc.) But, for the most part it’s hard to find new wrestlers to add to the site from You Tube. Because of this pandemic people are getting laid off from their jobs, if not losing their jobs entirely. I myself was laid off for over 2 months from my job. As much that people need an escape from life as it is now, I know people see this website as such.. I can’t continue to keep using these sites to provide content for this site. I’m paying bills that don’t need to be bills. Anything can happen. I can get laid off again if not completely my job. Plus another incident has added to my reasoning that financially, I need to end the site. As much as people love this site, sometimes you have to think of yourself. Those streaming sites are now mostly gone (cancelled).

As I stated earlier, when I first started providing content (You Tube, tumblr, website) I loved it. Now, not so much… I want to take a break, a long break. However, I’m not going to end this in a flash. I’ve decided what I’m going to do is continue the site with what I have left till the month of March. I’m going to let you know right now that the consistency of the posts will be up and down. There might be a whole week of posts. The next week might not be any posts. Pictures and gifs and no videos on so forth.. The site will end in March. If anyone has any questions or statements, email me. I get back to as soon as I can with your answer. I appreciate all of you. I hope you understand. Premier.

20 thoughts on “Wrestling Rear View (long post)

  1. Absolutely understand! If you want, I can start submutting videos, as I have A LOT saved up in various hard drives! Let me know


  2. I appreciate all the work and time you put into the site. To hear that you have begun to lack enjoyment from creating more content was upsetting to me. Thank you for everything you’ve done to this point. Let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.


  3. Thank you for all you’ve been doing for this great site! Will be sad to see it go dark. But best wishes and will keep searching for you in the future in case you rise again.


    1. Besides the money aspect of it, I really want to just take a break. I really do see myself starting back up in the future, but just not on wordpress. I need something like Tumblr.


  4. I’ve always loved your content. Is cost the main issue? What’s it cost to run the site? Perhaps some donors can help. I’d definitely donate.


    1. Money is a main aspect. The streaming sites was basically about $70-$80 or more a month. About 11 sites. I cancelled 7 sites. Renewal of a website and domain is over $300 dollars a year. It’s due in March. That’s the reason the end of the site will be in March. I’m not going to renew it. I just want to break from the site also.. I’m not going to accept donations. I do see myself most likely starting back up again sometime down the line in the future. It won’t be on wordpress. I need something like Tumblr, more adult. I’m also looking into trying to see if I can make a back up of the site just in case.


  5. Really enjoyed the site and I used to follow you on Tumblr. Thanks for keeping it going for as long as you have. I used to have a similar site on YahooGroups ages ago and I know it’s not easy to keep adding new content. Best wishes.


  6. You’re the Goat! When I started my Tumblr page you really inspired me. I 1000% understand how you feel. And if you need any help finding anything I’m here and I can submit sum post to you!


  7. Omg this is honestly so sad because I love this page but I definitely understand 😦 is there a chance it will ever return in the future ? And will the actual website get deleted in March Or will you just stop posting then? Just curious cuz I love a lot of the videos uploaded here & wanna know it’s they’ll get deleted


  8. I only discovered your site recently, but I appreciate all the time, work and money that went into it. Good luck with everything and thanks!


  9. Thanks for all you have done for us over the years. I know the work involved as I myself ran a Rick Rude tribute site for over 11 years. I posted caps from his matches, many of which I purchased from ebay of matches that I didn;t already have, Eventually I started repeating myself and of course the WWE network came about with really great quality so I put an end to it. I have really enjoyed all the various versions of your site. It has been greatly appreciated.


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