Jett Armstrong

Jett ArmstrongJett Armstrong1

Jett Amstrong vs Adam Brooks.  As soon as the match starts you see that Armstrong’s tights are riding too low off of him.  Once he starts wrestling you see that the tights are so loose that basically his butt crack is in full view.  Usually when a wrestler is about to be pantsed, they prepare for the pantsing.  The wrestler either unbuttons their pants, loosen their belts or undo the string that tightens up their tights.  Not only does Armstrong never tied up the string around the tights in the first place, he even decided not to even wear underwear under the tights!  (usually he does).  I love it!


Sweet cheeks too!

Jett Armstrong vs Adam Brooks MP43 to Gif

Makes you wonder if the audience saw more than just cheeks…

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